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Subcellular compartmentalisation drives parallel processing

An individual neuron hosts about 10000 synapses (dark puncta) in its expansive dendritic and axonal arbour

The prevalence of synaptic protein synthesis

The prevalence of synaptic protein synthesis

Local ribosomes supply proteins for synaptic maintenance and plasticity (Sun et al 2021). Graphic by Julia Kuhl

Super-resolved ribosome particles

Super-resolved ribosome particles

Ribosome small subunits (left), monoribosomes (middle), and polyribosomes (right) were visualised at single-molecule resolution (Sun et al 2021).

'BioNumbers' of a neuron

'BioNumbers' of a neuron

'BioNumbers' of a neuron and its proteins (from Review: Sun and Schuman 2022)


The Sun lab investigates protein machines that manage the molecular logistics of brain synapses using quantitative spatial proteomics approaches. Our core hypothesis: molecular supply puts constraints on synaptic function, and the logistic vulnerabilities of brain synapses seed the onset of neurological diseases.

The Sun Lab opens soon in Aarhus, Denmark

The Sun Lab will open in the Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience (DANDRITE) based at Aarhus University, Denmark in 2023 spring.

PhD, postdoc, and intern positions are available



Dr. Chao Sun

Aarhus University, DANDRITE

Universitetsbyen 81, 1874-127

Aarhus 8000, Denmark 

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